Zodiacs That Must Master the Art of Boundary-Setting

You, Pisces, are a natural empath and tend to take on the feelings of others around you

Pisces Your compassion and selflessness may cause you to put others before yourself. 

Cancer, your kindness is well-known. These lovely attributes can make you vulnerable to persons who take advantage of your goodwill. 

 cancer  Setting boundaries doesn't make you mean. Respect and understanding can improve relationships. 

Libra You avoid disagreement because you want harmony, often to your peril. 

 libra Conflict isn't bad. It's a good method to communicate demands and boundaries. Recognize your feelings and needs.

Sagittarius, your optimism and freedom-loving mentality can make you disregard personal boundaries. Because of your fear of missing out

sagittarius However, setting boundaries protects your independence. It conserves your energy and time so you may enjoy your favorite activities.

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