Zodiac Signs That Hate Romantic Acts

Capricorns are sensible and goal-oriented. Saturn-ruled Earth signs might be too realistic. They consider overt romanticism unreal.

Capricorns may remove romance from a starry French Riviera night. A selfie with someone might make them cringe. Not all, but many.

 Virgo: Only Virgo is represented by a virgin. Rooted Earth signs. Grounded. Practical. Pragmatic. They like a grounded lifestyle. 

Post-childhood cuteness, especially amongst loving couples, might make them vomit. Unromantic, they'd rather give you money to purchase flowers than pick them out.

 Gemini: The fickle air sign struggles with romance and commitment. As one of the most insecure indications, they feel weak and vulnerable when they show affection. 

 Their stomachs and boudoirs are the finest ways to get their attention. However, any schmoopy-schmoop devotion will likely turn them off.

Taurus: Taurus, an Earth sign, is resolutely unaffectionate. They may regard romantic gestures weak and sissy. They can commit. Once trusted, they're one of the zodiac's most faithful signs

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