World's Longest-Lived Dogs

The well-known "hot dog" breed of dog is a lovable fluffy creature that, on average

will live between 15 and 20 years in human years. This is a quite long lifespan for a canine.

It is crucial for owners to make sure that their dachshunds do not jump off of high surfaces such as couches or even beds in order to help them live a long and healthy life.

Since the dachshund is the smallest member of the hound family, it is especially susceptible to suffering from back injuries due to its unusual structure.

Poodles are not only very intelligent and good with children, but they also have the distinction of being one of the breeds that live the longest.

Because of their small stature, toy poodles in particular have the potential to live the longest out of all the other types of poodles

Be sure to keep this in mind before making a commitment to a toy poodle for the next two decades

since they do require a significant amount of both physical and mental activity (thus, the intelligence).

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