World's Largest Dog Breeds

These enormous dog breeds can be wonderful loving and protective family members if you live in an area with plenty of freedom to roam

want a dog for security, or just want a gentle, fluffy giant to call your own. If any of these describe where you live, read on

Tibetan Mastiffs may appear like lions, yet they're loving with their owners. Himalayan residents and their flocks were protected by the dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff

Today, the breed is still a fierce watchdog and guardian, but it also enjoys lounging with family. To keep happy, healthy, and engaged, the Tibetan needs mental and physical stimulation

Canadian fishermen developed Newfies to be 28 inches tall and 150 pounds. They're lovely, family-friendly dogs that can protect if needed.


They make great therapy dogs since they are bedside height and can support a person. With webbed feet, Newfies are natural swimmers. Newfies drool; don't trust breeders.

Cane Corso, which means "dog protector" in Latin, was bred to hunt wild boar. This breed is a ferocious guardian and superb family watchdog

Cane Corso

The agile, clever, affectionate, and loyal Corso may run roughshod over any owner without adequate training.

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