Top 7 World's Best Hunting Cats


Ethiopians considered Abyssinian cats holy. They are agile and fast because to their strong medium-sized frame. Due to their observation and curiosity, Abyssinians are famous hunters.


Thai Siamese cats are lovely and old. Siamese cats have short coats and blue almond-shaped eyes. Muscular and lithe, they can move quickly and softly.


These cats, from Maine, have a thick, water-resistant coat. Maine Coons are adept hunters that can catch small wildlife and birds or rodents.

Maine Coon

Wild-looking Bengal cats are stunning. Bengals have rosetted or marbled coats because they were bred from domestic cats and Asian leopard cats.


Savannah cats are fascinating hybrids of domestic cats and African servals. Savannahs are beautiful and have a natural hunting sense like their wild forebears. 

Savannah cat

French Chartreux cats are attractive and unusual. These cats have strong bodies, round faces, and orange or copper-colored eyes. 


Scottish Fold cats have lovely folded ears that make them stand out. Scottish cats are multicolored and patterned. Scottish Folds' robust bodies

Scottish Fold

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