Try These Fresh Recipes for Summer!

Sweet Hoosier Dog Sauce In our area of Indiana, we love sweet coney sauce on our hot dogs! Our town still has an old drive-in that is famous for its sauce.

Margarita Tres Leches Cake The first time I ever had Tres Leches cake I felt like I was in Heaven.

I have made it at home using several techniques and flavors and this Margarita twist on the classic is my favorite.

Spicy Thai-Inspired Noodle Watermelon Salad Our county is famous for its fabulous Green River melons.

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While you won’t find this unique and refreshing salad at the county fair, it’s definitely our favorite way to eat watermelon all summer long!

Grilled Elote Flatbread Here's a fun twist on a classic Mexican dish! Keep your kitchen cooled down this summer by grilling this summery, fresh flatbread outdoors.

Summer Squash Pound Cake This golden brown, tender pound cake is the perfect treat to make when you have an abundance of summer squash in your garden.

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