Top Low-Maintenance Dogs

They're high-maintenance pets. Adopting a dog is almost as messy and responsible as raising a toddler.

These are the best low-maintenance dog breeds if you want a dog that doesn't need as much care as most.

These breeds are easy to care for, from small hypoallergenic dogs to larger types that need less exercise. 

Basset dogs still hunt small game. Given proper care, they make great, low-maintenance pets.

They're so laid-back that walks are easy. Don't do this or your basset hound may acquire weight and have health problems. 

One of the greatest medium-sized breeds for apartment living, they're easy to train for beginners. 

Shih Tzu is Chinese for "little lion," but this diminutive dog has no lion-like characteristics.

Scorpios are secretive, thus they should become detectives. “Scorpios examine every piece of evidence and [go] through everything with a fine-tooth comb

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