Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs on Earth

Saint Bernard The Great St. Bernard Pass hospice initially bred them to aid in rescue efforts between Italy and Switzerland.

Irish Wolfhound Irish wolfhounds have been used as a type of sighthound for quite some time. This breed of dog was bred specifically to hunt wolves and serve as a security dog.

Bedlington Terrier Bedlingtons were originally developed to hunt vermin, but they now compete in dog racing, conformation, and other dog sports.

English Bulldog Its most distinguishing features are a pushed-in button nose and a wrinkled face.

Portuguese Water Dog The fluffy Algarve dog, made popular by President Barack Obama's dog B, has a wavy and curly coat and doesn't shed.

Saluki The Saluki, like the Afghan Hound, is a highly-priced sighthound bred by nomads to track down game. It relies on its eyesight rather than its sense of smell when hunting.

Akita The Akita is a very pricey breed of dog that originated in the northern Japanese mountains.

Rottweiler "Rottweiler Metzgerhund"—Rottweil butchers' dogs—pulled carts of slaughtered meat to market and herded livestock.

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