These Orange Desserts Look So Delicious!

Mandarin Orange Cake This Mandarin Orange Cake Recipe is a really fun recipe that you can make ahead of time

While this delicious cake does have a slight taste of orange from the oranges that you've mixed into the batter, there is a secret weapon for giving it a bigger orange flavor

Cranberry Orange Coffee Cake We originally made this Cranberry Orange Coffee Cake Recipe for Christmas,

but I LOVE the flavors so much that I think it's perfect for making all year long! It is really tasty and perfect for breakfast or brunch!

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Orange Jello Salad This Orange Jello Salad Recipe is a taste of the tropics in every bite. This is a fantastic dessert for any occasion, from potlucks to holidays

Orange Crush Cake Our Orange Crush Cake is an easy to make orange soda cake that we made in our Instant Pot

Have you gotten into the craze of baking with an Instant Pot yet? If you have not discovered the world of easy baking in your Instant Pot, then you are in for a treat!

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