The Three Most Trustworthy Signs Of The Zodiac

Libra prefers neutrality. Symbolized by the scales and obsessed with fairness and justice, you would not assume they'd be good secret keepers because they wouldn't condone gossip

That justice makes them trustworthy. They may not like gossip morally, but they will listen to you vent

Because they're so moral, they know sharing what you trusted them is right. They'll tell you if they disagree with your opinions but won't tell anyone else.

Libras are reliable and will keep your secrets till the end to maintain social order

Capricorns gossip, unlike Libras. Some like it because it keeps them in the loop, giving them a bigger picture

while others prefer it because they appreciate being an outside observer of drama that won't effect them.

They'll gladly listen to your secrets or goings-on.Capricorns trust because they appreciate you and what you say. 

Though they enjoy the drama, they take this seriously and would rather lie on a bed of nails than violate a promise or ruin their trustworthiness.

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