The four zodiac signs most linked to optimism are:

Leo, your self-confidence makes it hard to remain negative, even when things go wrong.

 Leo You think you can handle life. You always get out of your pessimism, like everyone else.

Libra, you see the best in everyone. Even when others harm you, you can see things from their perspective because you believe most people have decent hearts. 

 Libra You struggle like everyone else, yet you always believe things will work out. You think you and everyone else are doing their best.

Sagittarius, you can be too positive. Because they can't, others may get annoyed with how quickly you brush off terrible things.

 Sagittarius You're helpless. You can laugh at your misfortunes with your loved ones. While injured, you can quickly turn a bad scenario into a funny story.

Pisces, you are optimistic. Despite your share of hardships, you never let them dampen your spirits.

 Sagittarius You never look back because you can't change the past. Focus on your controllables.

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