The Fish You Should Never Eat  

Eel Eels are considered a delicacy in many countries, such as the UK and Japan, but sadly, this has led to severe overfishing.

Eels, specifically river eels, are also known for absorbing dangerous chemicals, which can harm the body if consumed too frequently.

Atlantic Cod Cod is one of the most popular white fish to grace the human dinner plate, consumed readily globally.

However, overfishing has led to a rapidly dwindling cod population in the Atlantic Ocean, which Oceana claims is nearing extinction.

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Atlantic Salmon Most variations of salmon are fine to eat, as they contain abundant protein and are an effective source of omega-3s.

Atlantic salmon, on the other hand, isn’t such a healthy option. It is a farmed fish, meaning it is raised in undesirable conditions and surrounded by pesticides and parasites

So, do your part for the environment and avoid eating Atlantic Cod

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