The Cutest Breeds of Dogs You'll Ever See  

Our affinity for cuteness is an evolved biological response, and it’s why we also ooh and aah over an adorable, defenseless baby. 

Labrador retriever The Labrador retriever is one of the most widely recognized dog breeds, and for good reason:

These little dudes are known for being super friendly and easygoing. “Because they are so familiar to us, being around a Lab can feel like being with a good friend. 

German shepherd dog Known for its keen intelligence, high energy and loyalty, this German dog breed is absolutely striking and revered worldwide.

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After World War I, returning soldiers spoke so highly of this breed that its popularity exploded in the United States.

Golden retriever If you relish the puppy stage and never want it to end, the golden retriever is for you.

French bulldog Look at those big, batlike ears! Is it any wonder this little cutie tops the list of the most popular dog breeds in America

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