The 10 Best Pilates Exercises To Do Every Day, According To Trainers

– Strengthen your core and improve endurance with this classic move. – Inhale for five counts, exhale for five counts - repeat 10 times. – Feel the burn as you engage your abdominal muscles.

The Hundred

– Enhance flexibility and strengthen your spine with this exercise. – Slowly roll up from a lying position, vertebra by vertebra. – Control is key to mastering the roll-up.


– Focus on hip mobility and leg strength. – Circle your leg in the air, engaging your core. – Switch directions and repeat for both legs.

Single Leg Circle

– mprove spine rotation and stretch your hamstrings. – Sit with legs extended, arms out wide, and twist towards your toes. – Feel the stretch in your back and legs.

The Saw

– Build a strong core and total body stability. – Keep your body in a straight line, engaging your abs. – Start with short holds and gradually increase duration


– Strengthen your glutes and lower back. – Lift your hips off the ground while keeping your feet and shoulders grounded. – Squeeze your glutes at the top.


– Challenge your core strength and balance. – Sit on the mat, legs extended, and roll up into a V shape. – Slowly roll back down with control.


– Improve posture and strengthen your back muscles. – Lie facedown with arms overhead and lift your upper body. – Focus on the stretch in your spine.

Swan Dive

– Work on hip and outer thigh strength. – Lie on your side and lift your top leg, keeping it straight. – Feel the burn in your outer thigh.

Side Leg Lifts

– Relax and stretch your back and hips. – Kneel on the ground and sit back on your heels, arms stretched out. – Breathe deeply and unwind after your Pilates session.

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