Super Rare Coins Still in Circulation

Seriously though, rare coins can fetch a hefty price tag these days. You could be sitting on a goldmine, whether the coin is super old or has a rare blemish.

When the Lincoln Memorial penny was released in 1972, the U.S. Mint made a critical error. To the left and right of Abe’s profile, the words “Liberty” and “1972” were double-dyed 

When the state of Wisconsin released its custom quarter in 2004, it adorned it with all things Wisconsin. The quarter has an image of a cow, a cheese wheel, and an ear of corn.

Some of these coins were a little different. Up to 70 coins have a prominent eagle wing on the back. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you could be $25,000 richer. 

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Almost 50,000 of these coins were struck before the U.S. Mint pulled them from production. They were struck with the reverse die of the 2007 edition. The key to spotting the coin is in the letter “u.” 

Iowa congressman Rep. John Kasson proposed a $4 coin in 1879 to mimic the coins of Europe. Europe attempted to create a universal currency at the time, and Kasson wanted to follow suit.

This penny may have been worth one cent in 1955, but it’s worth much more in 2024. Thousands of these pennies were released before the Mint discovered the double-printed “Liberty”  

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