Sugar, prepare to drop: sugar-free dessert recipes  

Almond butter cookies If you’re a fan of classic peanut butter cookies, try these almond butter cookies from Sugar Free Londoner.

Each large cookie contains only five carbs, and you only need three ingredients: almond butter, half a cup of sweetener (like Stevia or Swerve), and an egg.

Apple” pie We know: seeing apple pie on this list is a bit of a surprise. 

One apple has about 25 carbs, but this “apple” pie from Keto Focus features just 10 carbs per serving — and only five net carbs.

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The catch? It’s actually made with zucchini (or chayote) and apple flavoring. 

Blondies These blondies from I Breathe I’m Hungry are chewy, buttery, and just a bit sweet

Not only do these blondies also contain a bit of rum extract, but they only add up to 6 carbs per serving

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