Signs of a Short-Lived Relationship

Addictive use of social media. When one partner feels the need to continuously broadcast the fac

 that they have a significant other and that they are just sooooo happy together, and then gets upset when the other partner does not post as frequently.

Addiction to social media is destructive to relationships.One day I went to a party

 one of the guests was a marriage counselor who had been practicing in the field of couples counseling for somewhere between 20 and 30 years

I asked her what the most obvious red flag was that indicated the couple's relationship was doomed to fail. Her response was immediate and unequivocal

If one person shows contempt for the other person's feeling" If the relationship began with one of them cheating on their prior spouse and then leaving them to be with this new person.

been a fly on the wall for two of them in real life, and surprise, each one of them ended with even more cheating. 

"I don't know why you'd possibly think it would be a good idea to start a relationship with someone who you already know isn't faithful

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