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Shortest-lived dog breeds 

It turned out that wasn't the case. The first year of a dog's existence is said to be equivalent to 15 human years

 the second year to 9 human years, and each year thereafter to 5 human years, according to experts.

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When the size of the dog is taken into account, the calculations get much more difficult:

These lively dogs are ideal companions for outdoor or indoor activities. Silky coats, attractive heads, and dark eyes make them beautiful.

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Irish setters have brick-red coats. Their kindness, intelligence, and temper make them great friends.  

Old English sheepdogs' enormous hair can't hide their friendly natures. Despite their size, these dogs are agile and playful.

This little Czech terrier can live up to 11.5 years. Cesky terriers are athletic, protective family dogs.  

There are many possible explanations, such that bigger dogs are more susceptible to age

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