On July 20th, the stars align for these four zodiac signs.

Sagittarius, you view destiny differently. You hate being tied to one life path,

 Sagittarius  Expectations won't trap you. You'll be the contrarian to rebel. 

Cancer, you control your fate through failure. You're the only zodiac sign that doesn't allow a loss affect their next move

 Cancer You get back on the horse after falling. You don't let time make you nervous.

You keep your destiny, Virgo. You must show who's in charge when someone tries to take over your life

 Virgo Your opponent has no concept who you are or what a Virgo can do. 

Libra, your choice determines your fate. No more bench-hopping. 

  Libra You were reluctant to let go of things you didn't want or need because you couldn't fully realize all the good in store for you.

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