Makeup Suitable for Olive Skin


Check your skin type. If the white towel looks better on you, you have a warm or olive undertone, and if the off-white towel does, you have a cool undertone.

Determine your wrist vein color. Cool people have blue veins, warm people green. Olive-skinned people have no blue or green veins.

Silver and gold jewelry suit olive skin. Olive skin may not fit pastel jewelry. Oily skin protects olive-skinned people against dryness and aging.

Most foundations come in cold, warm, and neutral hues. Olive skin can utilize neutral-undertone foundations. Concealer may cover skin blemishes after foundation.

Olive skin looks great with peach, pink, bronze, and sparkly blushes. Pale, cool-toned, and pastel blushes may turn your complexion green.

Highlighting olive skin might be difficult. Pale highlighters might make you seem ashy or chalky. Avoid pale highlighters and use golden ones.

Olive skin suits gold and golden eyeshadows. For a smoky eye, use deep blue and purple eyeshadows. Mascara can define your lashes

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