Life and Name Numerology


This article discusses intriguing name numerology. We will explore how numbers affect our names and lives.

Numerology is the philosophical study of numbers and their effects on human existence. Numbers have vibrational frequencies, impacting the universe and human names. 

Numerology interprets letters into numbers to reveal personality, potential, fate, and other life factors.

Name numerology employs letters to calculate numbers. This method assigns numbers to letters.

The total of these numbers, condensed to a single digit or master number (11, 22, or 33), gives a unique vibratory essence that reveals one's character and life path.

Destiny Numbers reveal life's possibilities, problems, and lessons. It represents your life as the sum of the numbers corresponding to the letters in your entire birth name.

Your Soul Urge Number, derived from the vowels in your whole birth name, reveals your deepest aspirations, impulses, and passions

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