July 4, 2023: Your Daily FoodScope

Today, automate your monotonous tasks. You'll get to swing in your garden hammock with a cold beer. Baby-back ribs taste well with beer

Enjoy excellent pals today. Invite them over for supper and make something quick and tasty. Your pasta puttanesca will be so good people won't notice

Your family won't hear you today. Wrangling ferrets is easier than calming kids, but you know what to do. Make cute frozen yogurt pizza bagels.

You make tasty, healthful dishes while not being a chef. Invite pals for a healthy Mediterranean meal. Beef and veggie kabobs are the easiest to grill.

Today you'll resist temptation. Temptation will be everywhere, but you'll resist. Reward yourself at night. Dinner: a huge mixed veggie salad with grilled prawns.

Today, details matter. They'll provide depth that huge motions can't. Don't worry if your vegan black bean soup isn't perfect. Cumin makes it great!

Today you'll want perfection in everything. Dinner mac & cheese with Gruyere cheese and chunks of Black Forest ham will be delicious.

Today, you'll want large, big, big! Avoid tapas, salads, and other light meals. T-bone steaks, soccer-ball-sized baked potatoes

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