July 18, 2023 Daily FoodScope

Today's quiet morning may make you sleep in. You'll awaken soon to familiar sounds and smells. You'll run downstairs at the smell of frying bacon

You may not want an afternoon picnic today. However, barbecued ribs, burgers, and chicken breasts dominate your thoughts. That plus a bunch of free beer 

Too many plans will make your day off feel like work. So prioritize. Cook pasta and clam sauce for your family instead.

A day spent sunbathing on a grass couch is ideal. Persuading your family could improve it. They can get your iced drink, mix a tangy barbecue sauce, and grill big shrimp

This vacation day may be bad. Prepare for a lengthy day if you have to prepare for a presentation or go to work. It looks like office vending machine meal

You'll value life's little things. Today, a spaghetti and meatball dinner with everyone is worth a million dollars.

Spending the day playing with your kids is ideal. You may have so much fun you feel like a kid. Take everyone to Tex-Mex for more enjoyment. As you share nachos and tacos

If someone served breakfast in bed, you'd stay in bed all morning. Unfortunately, you'll have to do without. Cap'n Crunch is a poor replacement,

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