In July, 4 Zodiac Signs will realize what they truly want.

You're done with slackers who ignore you in favor of their friends and who can't even sign a Valentine's Day card. 

 Scorpio This month, you'll come to terms with the fact that you don't have to be paired with your clone;

Virgo, it's time to confront reality. You don't need permission to speak; all you need is a microphone. 

Virgo You should be the person who establishes norms and standards for everyone. The one whose needs must be met by the efforts of others.

ARIES You've been sweating bullets to win first place, Aries, and you think you deserve it.

Aries This month, you should practice mindfulness and appreciation for the present. Keep a daily journal to record your thoughts and observations

Gemini, you think you need a bit more time. People are always asking you why you haven't done the typical things in your life, and you keep telling them that you'll get to them when you have more free time.

 GEMINI Put an end to your self-deprecating justifications and celebrate the success you've achieved

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