Horoscope Signs' Worst Dog Breeds

Although individual dogs have their own distinct personalities, there are observable differences between dogs of the same breed

 There are cuddly breeds and independent ones. These are the worst dog breeds for you to adopt based on your zodiac sign.

People born under the sign of Aries are notoriously stubborn and blunt, even to the point of being rude. 

It can be painful for the other person to hear, but people value honesty in a relationship more than the status quo. That's why passive aggression is usually their biggest pet hate

 Aries people aren't known for their patience, and the dachshund's headstrong nature can test the resolve of even the most determined of them.

Jack Russells are just as stubborn yet take the complete opposite attitude. This group is always on the move. Quicker is better. 

The Taurean temperament is also steady and sensible. They are practical and forward-thinking. When compared to the hyperactivity of terriers

The Australian shepherd is one of the most beautiful dog breeds and also one of the smartest. But they can't find motivation without a regular routine.

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