Highest-Priced Chocolates  In The World

Pontedera-based Amedei sells artisanal chocolate bars for less than $90. The boutique owners oversee production from raw materials to finished goods.

Grand Cru chocolatier Pierre Marcolini travels the world to hand-select his cocoa beans. His particular touch distinguishes his works

The $166 box of 81 exquisite chocolates is one of the cheapest. It's ideal for gourmands. The brand loves trying new mixtures.

Fritz Knipschildt's excellent chocolate truffle made him renowned. Treat yourself to a $250 truffle

Geneva's House of Grauer cigar lounge. Other from tobacco, they make coffee, tea, and chocolates. Aficionado's selection chocolates are a good business present.

Marie Antoinette asked French chocolatier Sulpice Debauve to begin his store in the early 1800s. They supplied royal chocolate for years 

Mariebel Lieberman, a famous Honduran chocolatier, makes these delicious New York Holiday Chocolate Ganaches at her NYC store. The $280 blue box contains 100 artisanal ganaches

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