Gel Nail Designs Will Outlast Summer

Mouse ear gel press-ons for your Disney vacation. Watching Hocus Pocus on repeat in your living room instead of traveling. Same vibes?

Apres Gel X nail polish creates these 3D nails in any form or size. Mermaid tears are holographic, adding to our bitterness at being human.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing something in a bold hue. Our all-black outfit, though, begs to differ.

French nail tips don’t have to be plain! Add gems, polka dots, hearts, anything! Mix up the basic color—it might be opaque.

Why use one nail color when you can use two? That's how we ended up with every Trader Joe's frozen pizza. Evidently, it's flawless.

We love this rainbow set's accent nail. Less nail paint and design equals fewer Hulk moments. More Stranger Things binge-watching.

While actual flowers wither away in this heat, you may preserve their beauty on your nails forever. Or until they begin to chip, which might take up to three weeks.

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