Foods and Drinks from Our Favorite Sitcoms  

30 Rock: Sandwiches 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) enjoys a lot of foods—from hot dogs and pizza to donuts and “night cheese”

That includes meatball subs (with extra bread), a sandwich supplied by the crew’s Teamsters and the “Liz Lemon,”

which, as specified by the namesake, is “turkey, pastrami, Swiss, Russian dressing, coleslaw, and potato chips.”

Arrested Development: Chocolate-covered bananas There’s always money in the banana stand—the Bluth’s Original Frozen 

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Banana stand, that is, which serves up chocolate-covered bananas with or without nuts.

The Big Bang Theory: Chinese takeout Sheldon (Jim Parsons) sticks to a relatively rigid meal and activity schedule that includes mee krob 

and chicken satay with extra peanut sauce from Siam Palace, barbecue bacon, cheeseburgers from Big Boy or the Cheesecake Factory, and pizza (from various spots). 

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