Divorce rates by zodiac sign?


As the wise Scorpio author Margaret Atwood puts it in her novel "Surfacing," "a divorce is like an amputation: you survive it, but there's less of you."

Considering that imagery and these dismal numbers, it's easy to conclude that we currently inhabit the era of the walking wounded.

It's possible that there are more reasons to divorce than there are to be married, such as having a personality-altering aneurysm

wanting to grind on a stranger, having inaccurate electricity meters installed, or your spouse poisoning your drink with Drano or hiring a hitman to kill you

Marriages with one partner in a "god-like" vocation, such as a pilot, soldier, police officer, or surgeon, are more likely to end in divorce

Divorce rates naturally rose under the confinement of the COVID-19 lockdown. Unfortunately for those who "swiped right" on their true love

Many couples break up for many reasons, but those born under a certain star sign are more inclined to ditch their wedding vows and go it alone.

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