Breeds of Brown Dogs

We started with America's most popular dog breed. Labs are affectionate, silly, and playful—perfect family pets.

These adorable sausage dogs have big personalities. They're smart, lively, and bond with their owners. Dachshunds need early socialization and training to avoid becoming neurotic 

These huge, fluffy brown canines are amazing. These dogs are calm and good with kids despite their size. They're natural swimmers with webbed feet.

Great Danes are the biggest brown dog breeds. These friendly Giants come in many colors, including light brown/fawn.

American families love German Shepherds. Due to its trainability, police and military services worldwide use this highly intelligent species

German Shorthaired Pointers are agile hunters. They seem to run forever due to their sleek and powerful bodies. Their endurance and vitality require lots of enjoyable and varied exercise.

Waterfowl hunters love the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Their thick, waterproof, oil-covered coat lets them glide over water and stay warm.

Leonbergers are huge, brown, fluffy dogs. These powerful German dogs may weigh 140 pounds! These cute pups have a lion-like mane.

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