Big Dog Breeds That Make Wonderful Companions  

But while they may be ginormous and intimidating, they’re just big ole teddy bears when it comes to their humans.

Great Dane This statuesque pup is the biggest dog breed of the bunch. And by biggest, we mean the tallest. 

Great Danes are the high-rises of the canine world. A Great Dane named Zeus towered over 7 feet while standing on his hind legs 

Mastiff Pound per pound, the mastiff is one of the biggest dog breeds you’ll ever encounter. 

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Massive and mellow with a huge helping of affection and loyalty, mastiffs are capable guard dogs that are fiercely protective of their human family

Saint Bernard Almost everyone can identify the Saint Bernard, one of the most loyal and loving large dog breeds.

Our familiarity is likely due to the popular folkloric image of this mountain dog wearing a brandy cask around its neck to rescue stranded travelers on a snowy Swiss mountainside.

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