Best July 4th desserts

Strawberry-flavored summer cake. It's simple to decorate because it's semi-naked frosted!

Lemon juice, zest, and fresh blueberries make these no-chill cookies. Lemon glaze tops them. Summer biscuits!

Red, white, and blue sprinkles elevate Rice Krispie treats. For Fourth of July desserts! Six ingredients and no oven are required.

No-bake chocolate pudding pie atop a buttery graham cracker crust. Chocolate desserts are perfect for holidays!

If you don't like chocolate pie, this creamy peanut butter pie is a must-bake. Its graham cracker shell and silky peanut butter filling make it no-bake.

Strawberry-vanilla cupcakes. Strawberry cream filling with whipped cream icing!

Homemade ice cream is great in summer! Before freezing, this chocolate ice cream includes cocoa powder and melted chocolate.

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