Best  8  Family Guard Dogs

The Tibetan mastiff, raised in the Himalayas to protect people and livestock, is a top guard dog. Aloof, alert, and primal.

japanese mountain dog symbolizes health and longevity in its home country. Akitas were extremely protective of the Japanese monarch and his family in the Middle Ages

 Christman told Newsweek. Whether you adopt a puppy or an older dog, a schedule can help them adj

The AKC says this bearded beast protects family and home. The breed is pain-resistant and strong enough to do it.

Cairo, a police dog, helped Navy SEAL Team 6 kill Osama bin Laden in 2011. In 2019, another Belgian Malinois called Conan was recognized after being injured

The medium-sized boxer is friendly, lively, patient, and fantastic with youngsters. These big, strong canines aren't hostile. However, brindle dogs make fantastic watchdogs with training. 

The Latin name means "bodyguard dog," and this breed is loyal to its family. Italian Mastiffs weigh above 100 pounds. Its short, rigid coat makes it intimidating

The sleek, strong, brave, and swift Doberman is a great security dog. The fifth-smartest dog breed, it is devoted and watchful.

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