Based On Your Zodiac Sign, People Jealous Of You

Charlotte Johnson, a Mega Pleasure sex and dating specialist, and astrologer Inbaal Honigman determined where each of the 12 signs sits according to their beige flags. 

"Fating"—adding a fitness element to a date—is trending, but this isn't The Amazing Race. Aries, tone down!

Taurus, balance your hobbies and furry pets. Fido, your yoga kick, and your new suitor fit. 

Gemini, pause notifications or put your iPhone in Airplane Mode. Meeting someone new requires staying present. Push alerts can wait.

While using the occasional playful or light-hearted pick-up line can be fun, relying too heavily on cheesy or cliché lines may indicate a lack of originality or depth in the approach

Leos are natural stars, but experts advise against bringing influencer energy to coffee. Take selfies when you and your partner are more comfortable.

Virgo, not all red flags are red. Everyone's flawed. You don't want to lose out on meeting someone great because your standards are too high or you're too judgemental.

Step by step, Scorpio. Develop the connection. Summer dating coach Brenden Durrell advises easing down. "Give people more time to express who they are and vice versa," 

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