Aries: Daily horoscope for July 6.

Unexpected events may prevent you from attending a rally or other group function.

Cancellation is possible. You and others may be quite disappointed. Avoid it.

A personal endeavor is likely to require your attention, and this could be a challenge that keeps you occupied for hours. 

You may meet someone intriguing today. Perhaps a meaningful conversation will lead to a new friendship.

The low-calorie, high-vitamin, high-potassium fruit that is watermelon. It's high fiber content may also aid with digestion. 

Nearly four decades later, the Chernobyl Power Plant and much of the surrounding area are still unoccupied by humans.

Developing crops for a warmer planet involves irradiating seeds in space to promote beneficial mutations.

For years, scientists have studied CEZ bacteria, rats, and birds.

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