Are Your Friends Fake? Here Are 15 Signs to Find Out


Have doubts about your friendships? It's time to uncover the truth. Check out these 15 signs that may reveal if your friends are genuine or fake.

Lack of Support

They're rarely there when you need support or a helping hand.

Conditional Friendship

Your friendship feels conditional, based on what you can offer them.

One-Sided Conversations

Conversations are always about them, with little interest in your life.

Disappearing Act

They disappear when you face challenges or tough times.


They show signs of jealousy when you succeed or are happy.


Your interactions are often filled with negativity and criticism.


They frequently cancel plans or make excuses to avoid spending time with you.


They consistently put their needs and desires above yours.

Lack of Empathy

They don't show genuine empathy when you're going through tough times.

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