89 million USD for a rare bicentennial quarter and over $999,999 worth of gems in nine additional pieces   

Accompanying this extraordinary coin were nine additional pieces, adorned with gemstones worth over $999,999.  

This sale, unprecedented in the history of coin auctions, highlights the enduring allure and value of rare collectibles and precious stones. 

This particular piece is believed to be one of the rarest versions, possibly a prototype or an error coin, which significantly amplifies its value and historical significance. 

The coin's provenance and condition played a crucial role in its staggering sale price.  

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Experts noted that the quarter was in pristine condition, with no visible wear or tarnish, making it a highly coveted item for collectors.  

The auction house emphasized the coin's impeccable state and its rarity, factors that fueled the competitive bidding. 

Adding to the excitement of the auction were nine additional pieces, each embedded with an array of precious gems.   

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