8 Easy Steps to a DIY Pedicure

Remove old polish Nail polish remover and cotton rounds remove any remaining polish. (Non-acetone is softer, although acetone helps remove difficult varnish, including glitter-containing polish.)

Soak your feet Use your foot bath immediately. Fill the tub and sit on the edge. Submerge in warm water and Epsom salt—especially for hurting feet. After five to 10 minutes, dry one foot at a time.

trim and file nails Trim using nail clippers. Avoid perfecting edges. Soften and shape with your file. Use a foot file or pumice stone to gently smooth calluses 

Massage yourself Apply dry skin moisturizer to each foot after drying and treating them. For a few minutes—or longer—massage your feet and toes

Toes ready This helps polish last longer. Toe separators are best, although you can go without: Twist a paper towel into a rope and weave it between your toes.

Apply a thin foundation coat The base layer protects the paint from your nails' natural oils, so don't miss it if you want your pedicure to stay.

Apply polish Apply a thin color coat when the base coat dries. After drying, apply another small layer of color. To paint small toes, separate them

Remember the topcoat Top coats prolong polish. A thin top coat seals everything and prevents peeling. Let dry—touch test at 10–15 minutes, but 20–30 minutes is best

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