5 Summer Fling-Ready Zodiac Signs

They crave this. Casual meeting, no strings, possibilities? Yes, exactly. Sagittarians are funny and carefree. 

They are terrific companions that can liven up even the most monotonous settings and voice their opinions.

 They're capable of relationships, but they like to keep their options open. Look no farther for a fun, low-maintenance fling. 

Geminis, like Sagittarius, like to try everything, which keeps them from settling down. 

They're everywhere yet never boring. They will astonish you with their enthusiasm and then withdraw. 

 The point of a summer flirtation is that you can't foresee their next move

Leos create remarkable moments. They thrive throughout Leo season in late summer. 

They're bold and crave attention. Leos won't give you mixed messages. They're dramatic, but they're also passionate and won't hold back.

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