5 Exercises to Avoid in Your Ab Workouts Gym Experts Says


In this web story, we'll highlight five ab exercises you should avoid and provide safer alternatives for a stronger and healthier core.


Sit-ups can strain your neck and lower back. Instead, try planks for a more effective and spine-friendly core workout.

Russian Twists

Russian twists can stress your spine and may lead to lower back pain. Replace them with bicycle crunches for a safer oblique workout.

Leg Raises

Leg raises can cause lower back discomfort. Opt for flutter kicks to target your lower abs without straining your back.

Weighted Crunches

Using weights during crunches can strain your neck. Perform regular crunches or try cable crunches with proper form and lighter weights.

Full Sit-Ups

Full sit-ups can be hard on your spine. Switch to half sit-ups or incline sit-ups to reduce the stress on your lower back.

Ab Machines

Ab machines may not provide a full range of motion and can lead to muscle imbalances. Use stability balls and bodyweight exercises for a more balanced workout.

Side Bends with Weights

Side bends with weights can put unnecessary pressure on your spine. Substitute them with side plank dips to work your obliques safely.

Crunches with Feet Anchored

Crunches with anchored feet can strain your hip flexors. Perform traditional crunches with your feet on the ground or use a stability ball.

Twisting Sit-Ups

Twisting sit-ups can harm your spine. Choose bicycle crunches or Russian twists with proper form for a safer oblique workout.

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