Zodiac Sign Breakfasts

Aries, the zodiac's first sign, leads with vigor. Aries, ruled by Mars, need energy-boosting food.

Venus-ruled Taurus enjoys sensual delights. Their love for luxury and comfort and grounded nature make a rich, sumptuous French toast a lovely start.

Taurus is robust and comforting, like the sweet, soft brioche and rich toppings.

Mercury rules Gemini, who wants diversity. Breakfast should reflect their multifaceted personality.

The Gemini's inquiring curiosity is satiated by a multicolored smoothie bowl's many flavors and textures. Like Geminis, the food is adaptive and full of surprises.

Cancers are Moon-ruled and love nostalgia, comfort, and home. Cancer seeks emotional comfort, and pancakes remind them of family meals.

Leos are Sun-ruled and radiant. Fire signs love affluence and fame.

Eggs Royale, a royal meal, matches the Leo's royal status. It gives them a filling, luxurious start to the day.

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