4 Great Yellow Dress Makeup Ideas

Face Yellow dresses require natural, subdued makeup. It will look bright and sparkling if you try to outshine your clothing. Since yellow is warm, you want a light, airy vibe.

Choose a foundation that blends in seamlessly. Primer before concealer and foundation gives the greatest finish. Blend two foundations (one darker, one lighter) to match your skin tone

Cheeks If you can wear a yellow dress, use warm-toned makeup. Your base is humble, but your cheeks should gleam. Cream-based sheer cheek tints work well. Powder bronzers also work

This is ideal for the rosy natural flush finish. Applying the tint to the apple of your cheek gives you a natural flush. Apply it under your cheek and blend towards the temple to enhance your cheekbones. 

Eye Eye makeup is crucial when wearing a yellow flowy dress to prom or a wedding! Yellow dress eye makeup has several options. Instead of a smokey eye

Start by applying a neutral or light brown metallic cream eye color to your lids for kohl-rimmed eyes. Use a dark pencil to outline the lashes. Retrace the lines with black kohl to make your eyes sparkle.

Lips Smokey eyes require neutral lips. Choose pink or orange lip butter or gloss. Use pale pink or rose lipstick. Avoid yellow dresses and vivid red cosmetics!

Red or purple lipstick can boost your look if your eyes and cheeks are natural. This unusual style uses two warm, bright colors. To avoid distractions, avoid elongated cat eyes and dark shadows.

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