Top 10 Super Important Things To Discuss With Your Partner Prior To Marriage

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and before taking the plunge, it's crucial to have some serious discussions with your partner. These 10 important topics will help you lay a strong foundation for your future together.


Money matters can often strain a relationship. Discuss your financial goals, spending habits, and how you plan to handle finances as a couple. Will you have joint accounts or separate ones?

Financial Compatibility

Talk about whether you want children, how many, and when. Also, discuss parenting styles, childcare responsibilities, and how you'll balance career and family life.

Family Planning

Share your career aspirations and how they might impact your marriage. Will you support each other's goals? Discuss potential relocations or career changes.

Career and Ambitions 

Openly discuss your religious or spiritual beliefs. Are there any differences? How will you incorporate your faith into your marriage or daily life?

Religion and Beliefs 

Understanding how you both communicate is vital. Discuss your preferences for resolving conflicts and staying emotionally connected.

Communication Styles

Who will handle chores, bills, and maintenance? Setting clear expectations can prevent misunderstandings and resentment later on.

Household Responsibilities

Consider each other's physical and mental health. How will you support one another during illnesses or challenging times?

Health and Wellness

Address any unresolved issues from previous relationships. Be open about your experiences and how they've shaped you.

Past Relationships

Discuss trust, fidelity, and boundaries within your marriage. What constitutes a breach of trust, and how will you rebuild it if necessary?

Trust and Boundaries

Maintaining a healthy balance between personal time and time together is vital. How will you ensure you both have space for individual growth and hobbies?

Time for Yourselves

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