12 Dog Breeds You’ve Probably Been Mispronouncing All Along

Shih Tzu (Sh-eed Zoo):

First up on our list is the adorable Shih Tzu. Many people mistakenly pronounce it as "Shiht-zoo," but the correct pronunciation is "Sh-eed Zoo." These small and fluffy dogs are known for their friendly and outgoing personalities.

Chihuahua (Chee-wa-wa):

The tiny Chihuahua often gets called "Chee-hoo-ah-hoo-ah," but it's actually pronounced as "Chee-wa-wa." Despite their small size, Chihuahuas have big personalities and a whole lot of spunk.

Dachshund (Dox-und):

The Dachshund, often referred to as a "wiener dog," is sometimes mispronounced as "Dash-hound." The correct way to say it is "Dox-und." These elongated dogs are known for their playful and curious nature.

Beagle (Bee-gull):

Beagles are lovable and make great family pets. However, many people mistakenly say "Bay-gull." The accurate pronunciation is "Bee-gull." Beagles are known for their keen sense of smell and friendly disposition.

Rottweiler (Rot-vile-er):

The powerful Rottweiler is often mispronounced as "Rott-wee-ler." To say it correctly, remember "Rot-vile-er." These dogs are known for their strength and loyalty.

Papillon (Pap-ee-yawn):

The Papillon, a small and elegant breed, is sometimes called "Pap-ee-lon." The correct pronunciation is "Pap-ee-yawn," which means "butterfly" in French, a nod to their butterfly-like ears.

Newfoundland (New-fund-luhnd):

The Newfoundland dog is a giant breed with a big heart. Some people mistakenly say "New-found-land." The accurate pronunciation is "New-fund-luhnd." These gentle giants are excellent swimmers and known for their rescue abilities.

Weimaraner (Vy-muh-rah-ner):

The Weimaraner, known for its striking silver-gray coat, is often mispronounced as "Why-muh-ray-nur." It's actually "Vy-muh-rah-ner." These dogs are highly intelligent and energetic.

Shiba Inu (Shee-bah Ee-noo):

The Shiba Inu, a popular Japanese breed, is sometimes pronounced as "Shee-buh Eye-new." To get it right, say "Shee-bah Ee-noo." These dogs are known for their independent personalities.

Maltese (Mal-teez):

The elegant Maltese breed often gets pronounced as "Malt-uh-zee." It's correctly "Mal-teez." These dogs are known for their luxurious, silky coats and sweet nature.

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