10 Things You Do That Make You A Jerk

Interrupting people while they speak is not only rude but also makes you appear self-centered. Learn to listen actively.

Talking Over Others

Complaining excessively can be draining for others. Discover how to express your concerns without being a constant downer.

Constant Complaining

Missing social cues or invading personal space can make you appear oblivious and inconsiderate. Enhance your social awareness.

Ignoring Social Cues

Failing to keep your word can erode trust. Explore how to be reliable and true to your commitments.

Not Keeping Promises

Being overly judgmental can isolate you from others. Find out how to be more accepting and open-minded.

Being Judgmental

Constantly talking about yourself can be off-putting. Learn the art of balanced self-expression.

Excessive Self-Promotion

Empathy is key to building meaningful relationships. Discover ways to connect with others on a deeper level.

Lack of Empathy

Being rigid and unwilling to compromise can lead to conflicts. Find out how to be more adaptable.


Constantly criticizing others can harm relationships. Explore how to provide constructive feedback.

Excessive Criticism

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