10 Sneaky Things Manipulators Do To Control Your Behavior

Manipulators excel at making you question your own perceptions and memories. They'll subtly deny your reality, causing you to doubt your sanity. Don't fall for it; trust your instincts

Gaslighting: The Art of Making You Doubt Yourself

Manipulators use excessive flattery and affection to overwhelm you, making it hard to see their true intentions. Maintain a healthy balance and don't let compliments blind you.

Love Bombing: Showering You with Excessive Affection

Manipulators often employ silence as a weapon, withdrawing communication to make you feel guilty or anxious. Recognize this tactic and assert your need for open dialogue.

Silent Treatment: Punishing You with Isolation

They'll manipulate your emotions by making you feel guilty for their actions or problems. Don't let their blame game affect your self-worth.

Guilt-Tripping: Playing on Your Sense of Responsibility

Manipulators project their faults onto you, making you feel like the wrongdoer. Stay self-aware and question baseless accusations.

Projecting: Accusing You of Their Own Flaws

They'll paint themselves as victims to gain your sympathy and support. Empathize but don't enable their manipulation.

Playing the Victim: Eliciting Pity and Sympathy

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Manipulators thrive on stirring conflicts among people you care about. Stay vigilant and address issues directly.

Triangulation: Creating Conflicts Between You and Others

They'll selectively share information to keep you dependent on them. Seek knowledge independently to break free from their grasp.

Withholding Information: Keeping You in the Dark

Manipulators are skilled at turning any argument to their advantage. Stay focused on the facts and avoid getting sidetracked.

Flipping the Script: Twisting Arguments in Their Favor

Manipulators chip away at your support system, isolating you from friends and family. Maintain strong relationships to safeguard against their influence.

The Slow Erosion: Gradually Isolating You

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