10 Places To Find Stunning Fall Foliage In Colorado

Aspen, Colorado, is famous for its groves of aspen trees, which turn a brilliant golden-yellow in the fall. The Maroon Bells, just outside Aspen, is one of the most iconic spots for fall foliage photography.


This park is a paradise for leaf-peeping in the fall. You'll find a variety of trees, including aspens, cottonwoods, and willows, offering a colorful display against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Located near Georgetown, Guanella Pass is a scenic byway that winds through groves of aspen trees, making it an excellent spot for fall foliage. The drive itself is part of the attraction.

Guanella Pass

Often referred to as the "Million Dollar Highway of Aspen Trees," Kebler Pass is home to one of the largest aspen groves in North America. The vibrant yellow leaves in the fall create a breathtaking landscape.

Kebler Pass

This charming mountain town in southwestern Colorado is surrounded by stunning fall foliage. The vibrant colors of aspen and other trees set against the San Juan Mountains are a sight to behold.


Known as the "Wildflower Capital of Colorado" in the summer, Crested Butte transforms into a colorful wonderland in the fall. The town and its surroundings are enveloped in vibrant fall colors.

Crested Butt

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The Yampa Valley near Steamboat Springs offers a beautiful display of fall foliage. The valley is known for its colorful oak and aspen trees.

Steamboat Springs

This scenic byway in southwestern Colorado takes you through the rugged San Juan Mountains, where you'll encounter stunning fall colors, especially around the towns of Durango, Silverton, and Ouray.

San Juan Skyway

This park offers a unique backdrop for fall foliage with its deep, dark canyons contrasting the bright colors of the trees along the rim.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

In the southern part of Colorado, you can find fall foliage around the base of the dunes, especially in the cottonwood trees along Medano Creek. It's an unexpected but beautiful sight.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

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