10 Exhausting Personality "Quirks" That Can Damage a Relationship

Do you or your partner have impossibly high standards? Discover how the quest for perfection can lead to relationship stress.

The Perfectionist

Uncover how chronic complaining can drain the positivity from your relationship and learn how to address it constructively.

The Constant Complainer

Explore the challenges of being in a relationship with someone who always needs to be in control and how to find a balance.

The Control Freak

Learn about the impact of drama on relationships and find strategies to navigate situations with a dramatic partner.

The Drama Queen/King

Discover how constant talking can overwhelm a relationship and ways to encourage more balanced communication.

The Non-Stop Talker

Explore the detrimental effects of dishonesty in a relationship and how to rebuild trust if you've been dealing with a chronic liar.

The Chronic Liar

Learn how neglecting your partner's needs can strain your relationship and strategies to reconnect.

The Neglectful Partner

Uncover the challenges of dealing with jealousy in a relationship and how to foster trust and security.

The Jealous Type

Discover how passive-aggressive behavior can erode a relationship and tips for addressing this communication style.

The Passive-Aggressive

Explore the dynamics of an overly dependent partner and how to establish healthier boundaries.

The Overly Dependent

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